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Aug. 20th, 2007



Saw my old draft for Flight. A story which I remember vaguely. No character names but there are eloborate details on their behaviours, settings and plot. So must as well not waste it. (suppose to be working on the climate change essay)

Therefor, I am using all the characters I know. But I am not writing them out. Giving a rough draft to everyone. I got Dan, Stephanie, Grace, Sally Huan, Shirlene and Jine in the draft. 

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Aug. 12th, 2007


Is it really love? Pt 2 - Everlasting love

Lucrecia, like she had always been, waited patiently each time Kostas went back to Greece. She had promised him that nothing would tear them apart. Not friends, not family, not distance. All her hopes and dreams were left with Kostas and she would only wait for him till the end of her days. This was her decision after contemplating her future. No more confusions and obfuscations will she have. Everything is set, everything is fated. 

Days after days she waited, Kostas failed to send her mails or texts. She started feeling lonely. So lonely life meant nothing more than to die. Many times did she try contacting Kostas. But what she obtained in return were either voice boxes or abandoned mails. However, no matter how awful he treated her, the feeling towards him had and will always be there. It remained the same, never fading. Giving up on them was never one of the options she had in mind. In fact, there was nothing else she would rather do other than to wait for him even after knowing how he actually thought of their relationship. It was just impossible for her to leave him, to forget him. He was part of her. A very big part of her. A part so vital she couldn't survive without. Worrying about the status and current conditions of her relationship, Lucrecia cared less about her well being. She often found herself moodless and lack of appetite for everything. All she did was lock herself in her stuffy room and refuse to have anything in her stomach. She got fragile, weaker and more easily nauseated everyday. She was always prone to headaches, migraines and double vissions.

Months past by till one day, Kostas arrived back from Greece. Just a single phone call from him made her forget all that he had done to her. How he used to ignore her messages which broke her heart. Being back together again, Kostas treated her well. She was once again cheerful. However, she realised that he had not been as eager as he was to see her. Before, they were almost every minute every second together but now, Kostas often hung out with his other mates. Lucrecia never did mind a bit about that. All that mattered
to her is his happiness. 

One day, Kostas had a serious chat with Lucrecia.
"Lucrecia, I might not be your knight in shinning armour afterall."
"..... What makes you say that, Kostas??"
"Many things. I haven't been treating you right, I live almost half the world away from you, i haven't been going out as much as i should with you and i've been putting you off so much,."
"Do you really think so??"
"Well then.. maybe we shouldn't act like you are."
"I'm so sorry"
"It's ok. I'll be fine "

Since that day, Lucrecia had never seen Kostas anymore. And for Kostas, he went on with his life as if nothing had happened while Lucrecia grieved over their seperation. 

One day as Kostas was walking around the music hall where he and Lucrecia had first met, he heard a ring from his cell phone. He quickly flipped open his clam shell phone. 
"Hello." he answered
"Kostas!!! You must come quickly!" cried a girl hysterically
"Who's this?? Please calm down. Where are you??" 
"I'm Lucrecia's mother. we're at the Eagle Hospital. Please come quickly"

Kostas rushed to the hospital only to find Lucrecia lying on the hospital bed. She looked almost as pale as her white hospital gaun. Everyone present had morose expressions on their faces. Lucrecia's mother and father were both weeping away. Kostas didn't know what was happening.
"What's wrong doctor?? Tell me wats wrong!!"
"Lucrecia's diagnosed with brain cancer. I'm sorry. There's nothing else we can do" said the doctor as he walked away

Kostas turn to Lucrecia and bent down all allowed their eyes to meet. 
"Hi Kostas, I'm so glad to see you again"
A weak but sweet smile surfaced as she spoke those words.
"Why did you act like it was ok for us to part??? Lucia told me that you were crying days and nights after what i did"
"Kostas.. since you asked for a break up, it clearly means you're not happy anymore being with me. At first it wasn't ok to let you go since i love you so much, but after thinking of it for long, I finally knew that breaking up doesn't stop me from loving you. It only stops me from showing you how much i love you. No matter what happens, i will always love you."
"Lucrecia! I love you too."
He lowered his face until their lips touched. Gently, he gave her a light kiss.
"I never wanted to break your heart. It's the only reason why i asked for a break up. So that i couldn't hurt you anymore when i leave. I love you. Please don't leave me."
"I will always be with you. I'm the anchor of your sorrow. All i know or ever knew... is i love you. I'll love you to death"

As Lucrecia uttered her last words, the reading on the electrocardiograph decend and finally faded away.


Aug. 6th, 2007


Right Girl Wrong Time

Title: Right Girl Wrong Time
Genere: oneshot
Warning: None
Characters: Original
Status: Complete
Synopsis: It's based on the song Right Girl Wrong Time
Notes: Sorry if I have not been updating my journal for quite some time. Another apology for not being able to post up my numb3rs fanfic that soon. I got sidetracked into writing this fic. Got inspired to write it when I heard the song. It's a great song. It would be great if any of you could listen to it. The tune and the rest are great, they play alongside the lyrics well. But I'm afraid many would end up listening to the wrong song or would not have such chance to hear it since it's not very popular.

Right Girl Wrong TimeCollapse )

Aug. 4th, 2007


Is it really love?

Being one of the best cellist in the orchestra, Lucrecia wasn't only outstanding for her jaw-dropping skills but also her mesmerising blooming beauty. [You all know i love cellists don't u (only cause i'm one =P) ] Lucia who was Lucrecia's only best friend AND her housemate is, just like her, a skillful musician only that she dominates in the violin section of the entire orchestra instead of the cello section. Lucrecia and Lucia were like sisters to one another and inseperably intimate as really close friends.

Since cello is a fairly rare instrument that anyone would choose to take up, Lucrecia was always in demand in most of the orchestras in her state that she was one day called up by the administrator of the Virginia High Orchestra. They needed a cellist for the internally-composed piano concerto by a student from the music faculty (Steven Amadeus) which required 3 instruments -violin, cello and yes, u guessed it, the piano. Filled with trill and excitment of premiering the concerto, Lucrecia agreed with pleasure. 

3 weeks of practices past by swiftly after the acquiantance of the 3 musicians(Steven-composer and pianist, Lucrecia-cellist, Sarah-violinist) and the bond between them tighten as the seperating wall decend and finally disintegrated. Seeing to it that the chamber orchestra of Virginia High didn't have much and enough support from the bass, Steven decided to pull Lucrecia over just for the up-coming concert Virginia high is holding for fund raising for their music faculty. They were desperately in need of cash to purchase new instruments for the orchestra as they were having a grand play(oedipus rex) the year ahead. Being the helpful and kind-hearted person she was, Lucrecia took her choice to help as much as she could for the benifits of the orchestra.

On the first day of orchestra practise, Lucrecia was introduced to Kostas, a young charming Greek who was originally a bassist, but now a cellist (just cause he needs to compliment the bass of the orchestra) They had not much of an opening conversation since Lucrecia was a fairly reticent lady but they got along pretty well. Soon after, Kostas started courting Lucrecia and asking her out on a date but she wouldn't only due to the fear of her parents' disagreement. However, what Lucrecia really thought of Kostas within was that he was a nice young gentleman in whom she was starting to feel for. For approximately a year, they remained just friends and had gone out a couple of times in groups. 

At the last month of the day- about 8 months after they met, Kostas had to return to Greece to further his studies. Having little fate in their family-forbidden relationship, Lucrecia decided that she shouldn't put too much expectation in it. To lucrecia's surprise, Kostas kept very much in contact with her despite being in Greece which gave Lucrecia much strength and hope to wait for Kostas' return at the end of 3 months. 

Time flew by swiftly and the 3 months which seemed like an eternity for Lucrecia finally came to an end. Kostas was finally back in Virginia once again. Just before Kostas disembark on his journey back home, Lucrecia agreed to go on a date with him. Things started on a romantic basis between Lucrecia and Kostas and soon enough, they became couples 2 days before Christmas which happened to be 7 days after Lucrecia turned 16. Kostas told Lucrecia that she was everything to him and that he would wait forever just to be with her again. He also asked Lucrecia never to fall out of love with him. Lucrecia felt as if it was the only right thing that's happened and she was elated whenever she was with him. Of course, the first one to be imparted with the celebrated news is Lucia.

Things started obfuscating when one day, while Lucia was away for a trip to Japan, Lucrecia accidently opened the chat log files on Lucia's laptop while in search for a music file Lucia was supposed to send to Lucrecia but didn't. Owing it to curiousity, she clicked open the chat log of Lucia's conversation with Kostas. To her disappointment, the content of the file was disdainful. Kostas had told Lucia that he had been thinking of a break up with Lucrecia and get a new girlfriend in Greece for a few times as he could no longer stand the distance between them. He also said that he could never imagine the thought of being with her forever as it wasn't whats most likely to happen according to him since he was an international person. Lucrecia broke down and cry upon reading the heart-breaking contents. She soon,though not fully, recovered from the sheded tears and picked and mended the broken and shattered piece of her back as fully as she had the will left to do.

Despite being all disappointed and spirits dampened by the accidental event, Lucrecia still held strongly on her relationship as if nothing had ever happened hoping it was all just a temporary nightmare. Kostas continued loving her as he did before but whatever's in his heart and whatever he's truely thinking, Lucrecia felt as if she will never know. She was afraid of losing him, afraid that he'd slip away from her. She knew it was too much of a heartache for her to ever bear but the feeling will never be the same ever again. She knew that he would one day, ditch her for another girl but till then, she's promise all of her love to Kostas. Her love for Kostas will always remain the same, never less only more even if he chose not to love her anymore. To her, he's the only thing in her life that matters most. Even more than she herself.

Jul. 28th, 2007




Heh, real bored and sleepy right now, and watching my nocturnal 3 's' prancing in the cage aint helping.
So, here's the continuation of Safarian Mission! Waka!

(Part 2)


Jul. 21st, 2007


Let me go

Are  you still unable to chose who?

I am so heartbroken that you have cheated on me by DATING Steven. God, how cruel could you be? How low do you get? 

And must you sneak behind my back and meet CJJ? And then later to SS for some sweet poetry?

I know you love Steven more than me...but you can't blame me for my mistakes? Just because I don't serenade (like SS) or buy you chocolate (like Steven) or going to the cinema (like Steven) or giving you hundred of roses (like CJJ)...I still gave you something...an article on self-improvement.

I never knew you like HLK as well. I should have suspected that when I see you mooning over him. 

I never wanted to say this...but I think it is best we break up. Wrong it on me. I am used to it...Really I should have tried to please you harder...but nothing works with you.
You like partying while I love nothing better but a silent voyage in my books...we are a world apart.
Sorry, if I can no longer satisfy your heart. Steven might be the right guy for you after all. Quit it, 'k?
But, I still want you to know that I love you and yes, I wont use that icon since you are no longer mine but Steven...or CJJ or SS or HLK. But I will seriously miss you.
I never wanted to end it this way. But I really can't face you anymore...after knowing how you have cheated me...How can I forgive you? Even if I could, I don't think I can continue this anymore. No, I can't. 

I will miss your kisses and your gentle embrace every time I think of you...

I love you...

And I forever will...

From: Dan

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....Ok, Dan does not sound that bad...ok. It can be Archie then!


Safari Mission

Hehe, im feeling real bored right now, so just a little story on....animals!

(Part 1)

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Jul. 20th, 2007


The Three Musketeers!!!

One for all and all for lunch!!!

My favourite line from the real funny Jiggy series.

Our three great heroes are all golden furred, there to heal a maiden's heart after the departure of Sir Carrot to the great gates of heaven. I actually have a story on them but I don't think I should be the one writing about them.

I salute them!

It is suppose to be a pair but I like three - the musketeers. So they must be all males and fortunately after (everyone buying them and the cage except me) heard the horror of female hamsters' life cycle (period - one hamster has it guts out instead of ovumns) and a nice conformation from Donnie, everyone agreed that it will be males.

Oh, that part shocked May and she too wanted a pair of males hamsters - so period and reproduction are very much outside the question.

But I can't get gay hamsters. So sorry maniacidal. No such thing. I know it's a slip of tongue, but I still want to rub it in. You'll be too happy to feel the pain. Numb by happiness. Giddy to a point of being high or simply stupid.
Hope your mom won't shriek at the awesome sight that awaits the family. 

I am posting this in Safari Horror since it is a good news for everyone if the issue on my dollars and book oderings are not mentioned. I know I post this too early but  I will not be in and when I am back, I will be probably be away from the PC and closer to the TV or book or bed. Too tired to think and type and I wanted to post this before sour face get to it first.

Who was to blame for the hamster craze? All fingers pointing to me, so much for being friends. If I have never tried to scare her by repeating the fact that her birthday present will be a lovely golden hamster with a Tom Berkley attitude, none of the hamster fiasco won't surfaced. I never thought she would eventually developed a sudden liking and affection for the hamster that did not exist. A joke that I wanted to turn real and later not. I suspected her mother would not fancy the whole idea of having a rodent in the house. So if anything happening to them and her, is pretty much on me to blame.

So maniacidal, if you ever started crying or bitching (very likely among all) or at a state of irrasional depression, don't make me regret my choice of buying you one or three. Don't.

Please read on hamster's care and parenting [laughs]. Though they are all hamsters but they are your babies, and you are their mama. No breast feeding please. They will die of malnutrition or shock. And I don't like the idea of my dollars growing wings - AGAIN. They tend to fly away from me. 

Looks like there is an increase in your family member by three. The more the merrier they say. The more the merrier it will be. 

Your hamsters will be constantly chittering this line: One for all and all for lunch!!!

Too early for anything, but still:

Happy birthday.

Jul. 15th, 2007


Fic: I love you

Title: I love you
Genere: Fluff? Angst? Tragic? - oneshot
Warning: None
Characters: Original
Status: Complete
Synopsis: Two people deeply in love any yet they suffer...(Real bad with synopsis)An insight of a man's emotions and actions before their last kiss. (Not your usual I-love-you stories)
Notes: Got inspired to write many stories recently but I am only capable of writing this one. At such late hour of the night [laugh...sigh], sorry if it is not that good. An experiment piece.

Jul. 8th, 2007




Bloody hell. Im feeling pissed right now. Nevermind. Sabar tu separuh daripada iman.

Alright, (cough) here are the members of our community: 

Maniacidal (aka Giraffe)
Crazy and maniacal like her name, a joy to be around. Likes to make people laugh. Lively and weird sometimes, she can seem arrogant when she wants to appear to be. Giraffe(the name) came about due to her physical features. Just like a giraffe. Hah! Rude and sarcastic most of the time. Plus, a hardy person in nature. Friendly competition from others is very much welcome. Loves the color black, her ps2 and Mister Carrot. (sobz).

Adwen_leith (aka Wolf)
One word: weird. Moody and annoying at times( correction, all times), seems to be very much aware of people around oneself. Very in touch with oneself's emotions (retching) and thinks a lot. A very creative person but damn paranoid. Has a very complicated personality. Thinks giraffe is stupid enough to commit suicide. (bleh!) Has many characteristics close to a wolf.

NIce person. But quick to anger. Money minded at times but still is very much sensitive to other species feelings and thoughts. Good leader and organiser. Might be the next CEO  of a company in future. The name came about due to Wolf and Penguin's still pissed about it.

A cute and lively rodent who loves cute stuff and her actions spell funny and cute. Basically, semua tentang Hamster adalah cute... Blur and unaware at times. Just like a hamster. hehe. Loves kuaci and running the wheel. Annoys Giraffe a lot. Generally, a simple and friendly person. A hamster lover too. Has 4 hamsters. or is it three? (I remembered one died)

Salsa Cabbage
Loves music. The name came from Shostakovich, a famous musician, her idol, but due to Wolf's impaired hearing, the name salsa cabbage came up. (and i thought wolfs have sharp hearing. pfft!) Still, the name's pretty similar.
Mature and crazy at the same time, a nice person in general.

Hope this is enough as a brief intro to our members: the animals! Ill leave the rest of their characteristics for you to perceive as you get to know them more.

There. All the animals in the safari. OUR safari. Go SAFARIANS! Long live the animal kingdom!


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