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salsacabbage in safari_horror

Is it really love?

Being one of the best cellist in the orchestra, Lucrecia wasn't only outstanding for her jaw-dropping skills but also her mesmerising blooming beauty. [You all know i love cellists don't u (only cause i'm one =P) ] Lucia who was Lucrecia's only best friend AND her housemate is, just like her, a skillful musician only that she dominates in the violin section of the entire orchestra instead of the cello section. Lucrecia and Lucia were like sisters to one another and inseperably intimate as really close friends.

Since cello is a fairly rare instrument that anyone would choose to take up, Lucrecia was always in demand in most of the orchestras in her state that she was one day called up by the administrator of the Virginia High Orchestra. They needed a cellist for the internally-composed piano concerto by a student from the music faculty (Steven Amadeus) which required 3 instruments -violin, cello and yes, u guessed it, the piano. Filled with trill and excitment of premiering the concerto, Lucrecia agreed with pleasure. 

3 weeks of practices past by swiftly after the acquiantance of the 3 musicians(Steven-composer and pianist, Lucrecia-cellist, Sarah-violinist) and the bond between them tighten as the seperating wall decend and finally disintegrated. Seeing to it that the chamber orchestra of Virginia High didn't have much and enough support from the bass, Steven decided to pull Lucrecia over just for the up-coming concert Virginia high is holding for fund raising for their music faculty. They were desperately in need of cash to purchase new instruments for the orchestra as they were having a grand play(oedipus rex) the year ahead. Being the helpful and kind-hearted person she was, Lucrecia took her choice to help as much as she could for the benifits of the orchestra.

On the first day of orchestra practise, Lucrecia was introduced to Kostas, a young charming Greek who was originally a bassist, but now a cellist (just cause he needs to compliment the bass of the orchestra) They had not much of an opening conversation since Lucrecia was a fairly reticent lady but they got along pretty well. Soon after, Kostas started courting Lucrecia and asking her out on a date but she wouldn't only due to the fear of her parents' disagreement. However, what Lucrecia really thought of Kostas within was that he was a nice young gentleman in whom she was starting to feel for. For approximately a year, they remained just friends and had gone out a couple of times in groups. 

At the last month of the day- about 8 months after they met, Kostas had to return to Greece to further his studies. Having little fate in their family-forbidden relationship, Lucrecia decided that she shouldn't put too much expectation in it. To lucrecia's surprise, Kostas kept very much in contact with her despite being in Greece which gave Lucrecia much strength and hope to wait for Kostas' return at the end of 3 months. 

Time flew by swiftly and the 3 months which seemed like an eternity for Lucrecia finally came to an end. Kostas was finally back in Virginia once again. Just before Kostas disembark on his journey back home, Lucrecia agreed to go on a date with him. Things started on a romantic basis between Lucrecia and Kostas and soon enough, they became couples 2 days before Christmas which happened to be 7 days after Lucrecia turned 16. Kostas told Lucrecia that she was everything to him and that he would wait forever just to be with her again. He also asked Lucrecia never to fall out of love with him. Lucrecia felt as if it was the only right thing that's happened and she was elated whenever she was with him. Of course, the first one to be imparted with the celebrated news is Lucia.

Things started obfuscating when one day, while Lucia was away for a trip to Japan, Lucrecia accidently opened the chat log files on Lucia's laptop while in search for a music file Lucia was supposed to send to Lucrecia but didn't. Owing it to curiousity, she clicked open the chat log of Lucia's conversation with Kostas. To her disappointment, the content of the file was disdainful. Kostas had told Lucia that he had been thinking of a break up with Lucrecia and get a new girlfriend in Greece for a few times as he could no longer stand the distance between them. He also said that he could never imagine the thought of being with her forever as it wasn't whats most likely to happen according to him since he was an international person. Lucrecia broke down and cry upon reading the heart-breaking contents. She soon,though not fully, recovered from the sheded tears and picked and mended the broken and shattered piece of her back as fully as she had the will left to do.

Despite being all disappointed and spirits dampened by the accidental event, Lucrecia still held strongly on her relationship as if nothing had ever happened hoping it was all just a temporary nightmare. Kostas continued loving her as he did before but whatever's in his heart and whatever he's truely thinking, Lucrecia felt as if she will never know. She was afraid of losing him, afraid that he'd slip away from her. She knew it was too much of a heartache for her to ever bear but the feeling will never be the same ever again. She knew that he would one day, ditch her for another girl but till then, she's promise all of her love to Kostas. Her love for Kostas will always remain the same, never less only more even if he chose not to love her anymore. To her, he's the only thing in her life that matters most. Even more than she herself.


wow...what inspired you to write this?
i donno really... just thought of it..Why?? Do u trhink its really bad????
i din say it was bad. Sheesh..
just curious if it really happened to you. Heh!
If it did.... Kostas would be seen thrown out the window from 20th floor XD no chance of surviving


i got to admit.. it's some pretty good bible story there...
yeap! but i must say u must someday got to write out a book
It's real nice. [smile]

December 2007

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