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maniacidal in safari_horror


Heh, real bored and sleepy right now, and watching my nocturnal 3 's' prancing in the cage aint helping.
So, here's the continuation of Safarian Mission! Waka!

(Part 2)



Orange rays slip slowly into the horizon. It was near dusk already but five creatures were sitting around a fire which was lighted by (gasps) a talking cabbage. (I wonder how)

Giraffe was playing the guitar, hollering and neighing for all it’s worth.

“Like a rhinestone cowboy!”

Wolf covered its ears and growled.

“You call that singing?! And I assume you stole that from the humans.”

That, you imbecile, is a guitar. I shall forgive thy ignorance to man’s ways.”

Predicting a fight soon, Penguin interupted, “Make peace, not war.”

“Yes, yes!” Squeaked Cabbage in agreement. Giraffe cast a nervous glance at Cabbage, who was hopping agitatedly.

Scary. There aint any face, shuddered Giraffe.


Diverting its attention back to ‘singing’, Giraffe asked, “So, Penguin, wanna show us what you do best?”

Penguin’s chest puffed up. “My pleasure.” Then, it took a deep bow and dragged Cabbage yelling to the front.

“A one, two, and three.” Giraffe strummed the guitar to a salsa beat. At the first note, Penguin and Cabbage did what they do best.

Duh, salsa dancing.

But, this time, it was better, filled with more moves and quirkiness, backflips and frontflips (If there is such a thing.), more twirling and spinning till both of them were a blur in the sand.

“Wow, im dizzy already.”, murmured Giraffe in disbelief, still strumming the guitar.

Wolf just nodded nonchalantly, probably thinking of ways to sink its teeth into Penguin for breakfast.

The blur in the sand soon slowed down into two ruffled looking creatures. Taking slower steps now, both Penguin and Cabbage did a last bow together.

“Well-” Began Penguin but it was interupted by a loud horn blast in the distance.


All five animals got up immediately, all alert.

“Bloody hell, that is Mr.Hair’s loyal followers. And we just broke rule num. 32, which is no singing and dancing after dusk!” stammered Giraffe nervously.

“Mr. Hair? Rule num. 32?” exclaimed Penguin curiously.

“No time for questions now! We might be too late already!” growled Wolf impatiently.

A sharp howl broke the air, followed by a wicked and long cackle.

A pack of mottled looking hyenas emerged from the forest, all grinning hungrily, cruelly.

“Damn.” Cursed Wolf softly.

The biggest hyena, which was covered in old wounds and scars, stepped out.

“So, we’ve got foreign visitors, huh? The King will not be pleased. Tsk, tsk.”

“You have also broken rule num. 33, which is no singing and dancing after dusk.”squeaked a smaller looking hyena.

“Wait, isn’t that suppose to be rule num 32? My memory says so-OWH!” Wolf had sinked its claws into one of Giraffe’s spindly legs.

“Shut up, you moron!”

“Wow, Giraffe, acting all clever, huh? The King has also forbade anyone to take an interest in the ways of mankind. That is rule num. 54. Or has your memory fail you this time?” said the bigger hyena smoothly.

Giraffe flicked one of its ears, obviously annoyed. “So what if I do take an interest in that forbidden field? Im not doing any harm to King!”

“Well, you might be cleverer than him. The King does not wish that.”

Before Giraffe could argue further, another hyena stepped towards it, barring its teeth in warning. Giraffe backed off hurriedly, waving the guitar in the air as a weapon.

“And what do we have here? A funny looking bird and a……talking Cabbage?!” frowned the hyena.

“Do NOT insult my dear friend. It is not just a vegetable-” began Penguin.

“Tell that to the King. Ive enough of crap for a day.” Upon clicking its jaw, all hyenas pricked their ears in attention.

“Bring them to the King. All of them!” howled Hyena.

All hyenas formed a close circle around the five animals.

“Move it, all of you! And Wolf,” added Hyena threateningly. “If you dare try anything funny, you wont live to see the day. Though you are Wolf, the infamous killer, you are outnumbered among us.”

Wolf grunted in disgust. “I can see that.”

Clicking its jaw again, the hyenas started to herd the five animals to the King’s lair.

“Oh my, we are doomed!” wailed Giraffe, strumming a sad tune on the guitar.

“Shut it! You are committing the same offense!” barked Wolf.

“We can’t dance!” murmured Cabbage, which earned stares from Giraffe.

“No one can stop us from the dancing. It is an art. Though we are banned from dancing, we shall dance in our hearts. We shall not not dance!”



-Hehe, still not done yet! Just writing it at my own whim and fancy!



Ok, it made me laugh. Mr Hair? Wanna know how I picture those laughing maniacs (hyenas) - our physics teacher with his insolent grin plastered (plus that face and nearly bald head) into those creatures' bodies.

Well, anyway, love you.
THAT comment on mr oh made me laugh! WAKA!

I dont love you. too bad.
Love you in not the lovers kinda love you. Yuck. And just do as I say - I don't wanna list of unmanaged tags.

Too bad for you cause I don't feel that way at all. We all know your heart is occupied with SS and CJJ. [smirk]

So... I love you but not in that lovers kinda sense but in a friend kinda way although you never treated me like a friend before other than a puching bag to release your tension. You obviously treated penguin and CSS better than me.
CSS is a combo of CSC and SS.
Heck you even treated CJJ better than me.
All i gotta say is: Kau memang pandai merajuk
tak tentu fasal..

I dunno..i like argueing with you and i think you do too with me! Hehe! Of coz you my friend la! If not, where got 'priviledge' to argue with me?

And stop saying that i treat u worse than others..
It doesn't mean you are any less of a friend to me if i enjoy being mean to you sometimes.
Heck, u enjoy being mean to me too! A 100x!
Heck, you treat Penguin and csc and Cabbage nicer too!

So, who's complaining here?

And the way i treat the 'Dagashi' as you called it, it's more like..."Im nice to you, you're nice to me, keep out of my face after school hours" kinda thing.
So, it's not really 'nice sincere' kinda treatment. Heh.
You have no idea how that reply sounds like over at my end. Ok, I like arguing with you.

You also 'merajukla mangkuk'...no it's 'pinggan'.

Err...is Mr Hair aka King our form teacher being a you know transivite with the face removed with surgical precision into a body of a weird looking animal - baboon perhaps or lion or 'gators or orang utans?

Can't help the feeling it's a lion...
Like i will put HER into my fictions. Mr oh as hyena is bad enough. (grins)

Well, Pisang (oops, Pasang!) is kinda sporting..dancing to aerobics? Hah!

Alright, ill try beta reading your, err, fan fic...


hey nice story! did i like miss somethin here? who is css n cjj? anyway i like the idea on mr oh..wakakaka..but whats with the mr hair thing?



You don't know me...
You did not see me...
You know nothing about me...

I am The Ninja Penguin! Hiyak! So, who's that dancing penguin?

Ninja Penguin now off to sushi bar.


The Great Ninja Penguin is not related to the first anonymous.

Honestly, I don't know any of you...hehehehe.
definitely sung ching...
heh, mad muz have told you about my blog add..
sorry if i keep forgetting to tell you..
heh, you should read the first part of the story..
then you will understand how the characters came about..wakakka!


Ninja Penguin don't understand you weird looking animal. And who is this Sung Ching? Is he or she an animal in this weird epic?


You laugh like me.
err..who are you?






i have a feeling i know you. (shrugs)
oh well, ill know sooner or later.
in the mean time, stop wakakaka-ing in my comments section.
Man, its annoying.
And it's my trademark laugh, you baka!

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