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zerofahrenheit in safari_horror

New here!

Since I am approved as a member and is asked by adwen_leithto chose an animal of my preference to symbolise my identity in here, I have selected the:
Golden Eagle

You can spare me from your safarian mission, I am ok with that. Perfectly fine. 
Name: Zerofahrenheit

Animal: Golden Eagle

Reasons: It's a great bird of prey. Would love to take an owl but usually an owl is oftently taken as a she and I am a he. Well it can fly, at least, compared to the dancing penguin you got there. Admired this bird when I was small and kinda hoped I could have one as a pet.

Describe Yourself: Is this a must? Can't help the feeling he's pulling me leg...Ok, I am 17, can call me Fahrenheit but not Celsius. Male. Enjoys hiking, swimming, basketball, skateboarding and snowboarding. Loves to read: Garth Nix, James Patterson, Clive Cussler, Tolkein, Rowling, and more. Swings(if anyone gets me). Friendly and problematic. Can be annoying at times. Slight insane. 

Anything else?

More: ...this is a rather empty community. Empty or conservative? Either both.

Safarian Mission: I like being an unknown here and in your mission. I'll hang around and see what he has in mind for me to do.


With those shades, you'd be better off as a fly than a golden eagle.
Hey, adwen, you got a nasty girlfriend. Laughs.
(snort) since when?
Ok, ok. Here - satisfy?

Ne way, adwen did approve my animal.
Ignore her. Trust me, she's more a bat than a giff. More a maggot than a giff. As annoying as a blowfly.

Shrug. Can't complain can I? I did approve his choice sweetie. The FAQ is on my side - smirk.
yea...go on.
a bat..maggot..blowfly..what else?
God, im not your sweetie. (barfs)
...heh, was just kidding.
So you admit that he is your boyfriend.

Grins. So, you liked to be called his sweetie.

Ok then. Next time I'll adress you as adwen leith's sweetie.
err, i was replying to the 'fly' comment i made.
not that.
Sounds like that one.
It is that one
I see...Knew it.
now im lost.

The safari mission is not under my jurisdiction, no say on that one.

I do have something for you to do. No such thing as no. Smirk - or else - Jake...[evil laughter]
zero fahrenheit. Isn't that when everything stops moving and stops having a volume?? OMG we're all gonna die!!
Ah, no...Really? I thought that was zero Kelvin...(laughs)I dunno.

But interesting point there. A kind talk with adwen_leith have made me lose faith in Physics. He's got awful good arguments to back him up.
OMG you're right... XD hmmm i must readjust my brains XD why lose faith in physics?? ...
Oh, I was correct? You wouldn't want to know what he says...
Really?? Try me(not literally) =P
Grins. Oh, ask him yourself. Cause I really can't present back what he said - my brain got fried in the middle of the discussion. Ask him when his mood is right. Get the wrong mood, he tells you half heartedly or none at all.
oh.... XD hahahahahahaha i hope i don get on his nerves...
He does not blow up in front of people. But he will. Eventually. We all will. Eventually too. Of course, he has anger but as long as he is having a fiery one, it is still a good sign, but once it has a slightly chilly feeling to it, I did back off fast. Sometimes when he begins to talk like...a pissed Professor Snape (quite true or annoyed Lucuis Malfoy), you know he is getting there.

December 2007

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