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Is it really love? Pt 2 - Everlasting love

Lucrecia, like she had always been, waited patiently each time Kostas went back to Greece. She had promised him that nothing would tear them apart. Not friends, not family, not distance. All her hopes and dreams were left with Kostas and she would only wait for him till the end of her days. This was her decision after contemplating her future. No more confusions and obfuscations will she have. Everything is set, everything is fated. 

Days after days she waited, Kostas failed to send her mails or texts. She started feeling lonely. So lonely life meant nothing more than to die. Many times did she try contacting Kostas. But what she obtained in return were either voice boxes or abandoned mails. However, no matter how awful he treated her, the feeling towards him had and will always be there. It remained the same, never fading. Giving up on them was never one of the options she had in mind. In fact, there was nothing else she would rather do other than to wait for him even after knowing how he actually thought of their relationship. It was just impossible for her to leave him, to forget him. He was part of her. A very big part of her. A part so vital she couldn't survive without. Worrying about the status and current conditions of her relationship, Lucrecia cared less about her well being. She often found herself moodless and lack of appetite for everything. All she did was lock herself in her stuffy room and refuse to have anything in her stomach. She got fragile, weaker and more easily nauseated everyday. She was always prone to headaches, migraines and double vissions.

Months past by till one day, Kostas arrived back from Greece. Just a single phone call from him made her forget all that he had done to her. How he used to ignore her messages which broke her heart. Being back together again, Kostas treated her well. She was once again cheerful. However, she realised that he had not been as eager as he was to see her. Before, they were almost every minute every second together but now, Kostas often hung out with his other mates. Lucrecia never did mind a bit about that. All that mattered
to her is his happiness. 

One day, Kostas had a serious chat with Lucrecia.
"Lucrecia, I might not be your knight in shinning armour afterall."
"..... What makes you say that, Kostas??"
"Many things. I haven't been treating you right, I live almost half the world away from you, i haven't been going out as much as i should with you and i've been putting you off so much,."
"Do you really think so??"
"Well then.. maybe we shouldn't act like you are."
"I'm so sorry"
"It's ok. I'll be fine "

Since that day, Lucrecia had never seen Kostas anymore. And for Kostas, he went on with his life as if nothing had happened while Lucrecia grieved over their seperation. 

One day as Kostas was walking around the music hall where he and Lucrecia had first met, he heard a ring from his cell phone. He quickly flipped open his clam shell phone. 
"Hello." he answered
"Kostas!!! You must come quickly!" cried a girl hysterically
"Who's this?? Please calm down. Where are you??" 
"I'm Lucrecia's mother. we're at the Eagle Hospital. Please come quickly"

Kostas rushed to the hospital only to find Lucrecia lying on the hospital bed. She looked almost as pale as her white hospital gaun. Everyone present had morose expressions on their faces. Lucrecia's mother and father were both weeping away. Kostas didn't know what was happening.
"What's wrong doctor?? Tell me wats wrong!!"
"Lucrecia's diagnosed with brain cancer. I'm sorry. There's nothing else we can do" said the doctor as he walked away

Kostas turn to Lucrecia and bent down all allowed their eyes to meet. 
"Hi Kostas, I'm so glad to see you again"
A weak but sweet smile surfaced as she spoke those words.
"Why did you act like it was ok for us to part??? Lucia told me that you were crying days and nights after what i did"
"Kostas.. since you asked for a break up, it clearly means you're not happy anymore being with me. At first it wasn't ok to let you go since i love you so much, but after thinking of it for long, I finally knew that breaking up doesn't stop me from loving you. It only stops me from showing you how much i love you. No matter what happens, i will always love you."
"Lucrecia! I love you too."
He lowered his face until their lips touched. Gently, he gave her a light kiss.
"I never wanted to break your heart. It's the only reason why i asked for a break up. So that i couldn't hurt you anymore when i leave. I love you. Please don't leave me."
"I will always be with you. I'm the anchor of your sorrow. All i know or ever knew... is i love you. I'll love you to death"

As Lucrecia uttered her last words, the reading on the electrocardiograph decend and finally faded away.




this really a great story, my fren.. u really wrote out some piece of love-tale...
u're amazing i must say~

BUT isn't that word 'gaun' is malay word?? or mayb i wrong.. sounds malay
Great! Knew there's a part 2 to it. Write more.

December 2007

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