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The Three Musketeers!!!

One for all and all for lunch!!!

My favourite line from the real funny Jiggy series.

Our three great heroes are all golden furred, there to heal a maiden's heart after the departure of Sir Carrot to the great gates of heaven. I actually have a story on them but I don't think I should be the one writing about them.

I salute them!

It is suppose to be a pair but I like three - the musketeers. So they must be all males and fortunately after (everyone buying them and the cage except me) heard the horror of female hamsters' life cycle (period - one hamster has it guts out instead of ovumns) and a nice conformation from Donnie, everyone agreed that it will be males.

Oh, that part shocked May and she too wanted a pair of males hamsters - so period and reproduction are very much outside the question.

But I can't get gay hamsters. So sorry maniacidal. No such thing. I know it's a slip of tongue, but I still want to rub it in. You'll be too happy to feel the pain. Numb by happiness. Giddy to a point of being high or simply stupid.
Hope your mom won't shriek at the awesome sight that awaits the family. 

I am posting this in Safari Horror since it is a good news for everyone if the issue on my dollars and book oderings are not mentioned. I know I post this too early but  I will not be in and when I am back, I will be probably be away from the PC and closer to the TV or book or bed. Too tired to think and type and I wanted to post this before sour face get to it first.

Who was to blame for the hamster craze? All fingers pointing to me, so much for being friends. If I have never tried to scare her by repeating the fact that her birthday present will be a lovely golden hamster with a Tom Berkley attitude, none of the hamster fiasco won't surfaced. I never thought she would eventually developed a sudden liking and affection for the hamster that did not exist. A joke that I wanted to turn real and later not. I suspected her mother would not fancy the whole idea of having a rodent in the house. So if anything happening to them and her, is pretty much on me to blame.

So maniacidal, if you ever started crying or bitching (very likely among all) or at a state of irrasional depression, don't make me regret my choice of buying you one or three. Don't.

Please read on hamster's care and parenting [laughs]. Though they are all hamsters but they are your babies, and you are their mama. No breast feeding please. They will die of malnutrition or shock. And I don't like the idea of my dollars growing wings - AGAIN. They tend to fly away from me. 

Looks like there is an increase in your family member by three. The more the merrier they say. The more the merrier it will be. 

Your hamsters will be constantly chittering this line: One for all and all for lunch!!!

Too early for anything, but still:

Happy birthday.


Parenting?? God, breast feeding......
ill ignore the fact i didn't see that.. you weirdo...
i dont blame you for what happen.. it's Sir-Cum-Stan-Ces's fault..
He sux..big time..
Thanks...my bd's still very faraway...haha!
So, a second bd present is very much accepted..hehe!
Forget it. If they go 'poof', you pay for their replacements.

December 2007

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